Welcome to Daley Retreats.  A site for Bodywork Self Care/Wellness solutions.

Massage can be a very important part of a self care and preventative health care routine.  Daley Retreats can be part of your solution for achy shoulders,  sore back , and headaches and many more chronic aches and pains.  Call, email, or stop by our Dorchester studio located inside of Back to Life chiropractic to schedule or for more information.  



Photo by RomoloTavani/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by RomoloTavani/iStock / Getty Images

Our Beginning

I studied at Ben Benjamin's Muscular Therapy Institute located in Cambridge Massachusetts where the focus was technique and Swedish and Deep tissue.  Kripalu’s  Ayurvedic influenced bodywork school incorporated a different styles including introductions to shiatsu, positional therapy, and thai massage.   I incorporate the different styles of both schools as well as new techniques from ongoing continuing education.  I have  over 14 years Study, and practice of various modalities of bodywork.   

Studying at the Muscular Therapy Institute Joanne focused on the traditional Western Swedish, and deep tissue techniques. Kripalu's Ayurvedic influenced bodywork further shaped Joanne's eclectic massage style with Thai, Shiatsu and Ayurvedic influenced bodywork.   

Joanne’s treatments are simultaneously therapeutic and relaxing.  She enjoys an opportunity to support your wellness goals providing a calm space to unwind from a long day. She blends those styles and skills from shiatsu, thai table work, acupressure, and many other techniques


While studying at the Muscular Therapy Institute she recognized the irreplaceable benefit of bodywork in the maintenance of wellness. At Kripalu she recognized that our bodywork needs can drastically change from day to day, and each treatment should reflect that.


One of Joanne's accomplishments, that shaped her career in wellness, is her work as a Birth Doula.  Being available to provide support to family's during this major life transition has shaped the way she connects with all her clients.  



Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.     Hippocrates



The cornerstone of this site  is the practice of bodywork as a preventative healthcare practice and a very important  means of self care.  Beginning with Swedish Massage and Muscular therapy.   Group sessions,  

Through bodywork and multiple self care practices including preparing and seeking out food to live, not “die"t by and other ways to nurture your well being and ways to center yourself in an increasingly distracting world.  



Our Mission

Kent County is one of the most severely underserved communities in Tennessee. To combat this adversity, Project Sprout seeks to nourish our neighbors at the most fundamental level with healthy food options and a strong support network. All members get a portion of each harvest and surpluses are donated to low-income families whose work schedules prevent them from volunteering.



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With ten gardens and counting, Project Sprout has seen a significant improvement in mental and physical health for all participating community members. Other than lowering obesity, blood pressure, and depression rates, the crime rate has also fallen. Our children are doing better in school, reporting higher grades and aspirations, and better job prospects.

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